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Rate the video game INTRO SEQUENCE. Vol. 18 Breath of Fire IV (PS1) (Poll)
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Blaqthourne129/14 8:55PM
I make more money than my father does PotD...Judgmenl89/14 8:41PM
Countdown to my graduation
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AwesomeTurtwig199/14 8:39PM
PotD Rate the video game song: Day 40 - Tournament of Champions I (Poll)
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Transgender Asian Girl wins Prom Queen leaving one nominee "Devastated" in USA.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle219/14 8:32PM
Why does today's poll assume only these 10 games could be your favorite?
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Xian042219/14 7:56PM
God dammit, my brother has basically disappeared. This is not good.Dynalo109/14 7:44PM
It's been some years.
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Ducky Dude239/14 7:40PM
Saw Mike Birbiglia over the weekend, it was pretty freaking awesome.DrPrimemaster99/14 7:32PM
Suikoden 2 worth $175?
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Raganork10159/14 7:17PM
apparently people are on tinychatLootman49/14 6:50PM
Collective nouns are so fun.UnbiasTobias69/14 6:39PM
I... I think I use elipses to much...
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Flutershy199/14 6:39PM
The remix of Turnabout Sisters in Professor Layton VS AA hurts me.twa55619/14 6:36PM
So my helper phantom killed Smough first.Zareth49/14 6:29PM
"I never f***ed that girl" can have 6 different meaningsBNVshark12369/14 6:23PM
i turned my kindle fire into a pc monitorhelIy79/14 6:17PM
A video that will make your pathetic human lifespan feel insignificant...Pal 08049/14 6:06PM
How many hours do you play video games a day? (Poll)castrejon0459/14 5:41PM
New Samsung commercial fires shots at iPhone 6.Metro249/14 5:39PM