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My butt was clenchedAwesomeTurtwig99/2 7:35PM
This is the best glitch I've ever seen. (Madden 15)
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ESP Samus149/2 7:30PM
Hacked Celebrity Photos.
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Lobomoon319/2 7:26PM
Saudi religious police assault British nationalErik_P109/2 7:23PM
spilled all the cheetos on the carpet.DirtBasedSoap89/2 7:20PM
My dad and grandma are convinced ebola is the start of the book of revelations.
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Action53139/2 7:15PM
How would you define the word character development?Dan042979/2 7:09PM
**** it, I'm not using theseDeltaBladeX49/2 7:01PM
Holy hell, is it really only a couple minutes before 7PM?WastelandCowboy49/2 7:00PM
I took a picture of me today.
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Judgmenl119/2 6:59PM
is there a gaming board here that doesn't have people being jerks
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sonicbn169/2 6:59PM
Pick the game I try to finish next. (Poll)
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Blaqthourne119/2 6:57PM
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson says he's as much a Homophobe as Jesus was.. (Poll)Full Throttle109/2 6:53PM
Advice on exchanging items (post break-up) (Poll)RikkuSwirls109/2 6:52PM
If you were kidnapped by a terrorist, would you want the president to save you? (Poll)
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Full Throttle139/2 6:52PM
What would you say is the most over-covered track from Chrono Trigger?
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BTB159/2 6:51PM
hey btb
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IAmNowGone339/2 6:48PM
watch the **** out of thishelIy39/2 6:42PM
The Most Beta Topic Ever.Mr_melodramatic99/2 6:40PM
What ever happened to madvillain?Ao_Ryuu5459/2 6:39PM