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Anyone else going to Frolicon in April?Kongatthegaties93/4 10:06AM
With every passing day I realize how fortunate I am to NOT be in the dating pool
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kmerchandise123/4 10:05AM
Which character looks more powerful? Day 11: Anime Jace vs. Anime Chandra (Poll)lihlih73/4 10:05AM
Why do fat women want to force people to consider them attractive?
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yourDaddie323/4 10:04AM
wow. the first dbz movie is dumb as ****
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helIy153/4 10:04AM
Would you eat Marshmallow Madness? (Poll)Dan042933/4 10:04AM
I got another raise at work.Jen012573/4 10:04AM
Christiians: 1. Atheists: 0
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The_Sexorcist133/4 10:03AM
Do you say FInal Fantasy Ecks or Ten? (Poll)
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The_Sexorcist253/4 10:03AM
The Doctor Who club on campus is so lame, I swear.
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BNVshark123113/4 10:00AM
What's that ball of light during the GoT opening scenes?KogaSteelfang53/4 10:00AM
my original PS2 is somewhere out there...probably still broken. where's yours?
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ZiggiStardust163/4 10:00AM
Bloody door opening catsDeltaBladeX53/4 9:59AM
We are overdue for a Pokemon Colosseum 3PowerOats43/4 9:58AM
Most rare/valuable PS2 game you own?
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Link1429203/4 9:56AM
I have questions for all of you.WadaTah103/4 9:55AM
This guy just followed me on Twitter.Zareth23/4 9:52AM
man, i work out SO much better when i'm pissed off.ZiggiStardust13/4 9:51AM
what are some good anime's that are dubed right now?
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SHADOW0106383/4 9:47AM
Greatest Movie Series Ever: Top 16: Match 7: James Bond vs. Marvel Cinematic U (Poll)
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quigonzel283/4 9:45AM