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If Duckbear came to your house and told you to stop squishing bugs to your face (Poll)
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somasomafofoma488/31 1:49AM
so why did LaytonXWright Come out on a friday anyways?NightMareBunny88/31 1:48AM
Do you believe online friends can be considered real friends? (Poll)
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Kanakiri268/31 1:45AM
so according to the poll gamefaqs most hyped september game is hyrule warriorsNightMareBunny68/31 1:43AM
Fact: Edward Blake shot JFK. (Poll)blutoblutarskyX28/31 1:42AM
You know what they say about guys with small feet?sLaCkEr408___RJ78/31 1:38AM
I've done something I can never take back. ;-; *TTG Walking Dead S2E5 Spoilers*Gamechamp3k78/31 1:38AM
pizza or french fries (Poll)
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Nade Duck168/31 1:28AM
Super Strength, Invulnerability, and the ability to fly... (Poll)
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Q_Sensei138/31 1:26AM
A mere 22 days after purchasing it, I have broken my laptop.
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T-dus178/31 1:25AM
Rate this animation /Day 526/ Sailor Moon (Poll)SIayer-68/31 1:24AM
Attn: friends of Ameliamzsylver28/31 1:20AM
TOOL appreciation topic.
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kratosdakota3258/31 1:17AM
*spoilers* AwesomeTurtwig plays TWD Season 2! *Spoilers*AwesomeTurtwig88/31 1:07AM
Is the Codex Alera series any good?Storrac18/31 1:06AM
Sports Discussion Topic #101: To Pedro Strop's ports or depot
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bachewychomp858/31 12:56AM
Are these kinds of returns illegal?T-dus98/31 12:54AM
PotD: Are you getting the upgraded NEW Nintendo 3DS? (Poll)
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Storrac458/31 12:52AM
I don't normally find things cute, but THIS...Ultima_Dragoon68/31 12:52AM
I have one of those ... vision things that won't go awaybachewychomp98/31 12:47AM