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ebola's in new york now?PollGuy54910/24 5:31AM
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Do you believe in magicJudgmenl110/24 5:29AM
This 14 y/o Girl Died after 2 Dogs bit her Head to Toe cause she carried a Pie!! (Poll)
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Believing in God = Believing in Magic
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Father threatens to kick his son out for deleting his Angry Birds app.Far-Queue910/24 5:13AM
do i want to know what this gamergate business is?
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Going pee in a container is cool, but have you heard of a poop sock?
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Fantasy Question. What QB do I start??Buddha1187810/24 5:07AM
We have baby alpacas.
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Starting my annual EarthBound run. Come name my characters and favorite stuff!
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How in this age of labelling and allergy information, can there still be mysteryNichtcrawler X410/24 5:03AM
PF Chang's food sucks!
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why is it cool to hate justin beiber. but Aziz Ansari gets a pass?NessInEagleland610/24 4:37AM
If no one can control the Hulk, when even have him on the Avengers?Captain-Trips810/24 4:32AM
U.S School allows Students to pose with GUNS in their senior photos!!!.. (Poll)
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I want someone to make me a creepy Halloween avatar for SteamDeltaBladeX310/24 4:16AM
Mewtwo STRIKES BACK (in Smash Brothers)
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Rate that cartoon /10 |Day 573| Saturday Supercade (Poll)Slayer7861510/24 4:07AM
How will you die? (Poll)
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