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Girl problems? Gold problems? Ask the Doctor!
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Doctor Foxx169/18 6:51AM
i took a 5484x3456 pictureLootman79/18 6:51AM
i wish that we could all just merge into one genderless, monochromatic species.
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SchmensWife269/18 6:51AM
So.... about that conversation last night.
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Flutershy869/18 6:47AM
I have found it. Gamefaqs lowest rated game.St34lth2499/18 6:46AM
You guys heard about the Metal Gear Solid 2014 collection?DeltaBladeX49/18 6:40AM
SWAT team raids wrong house due to unprotected wifi routerMetro2109/18 6:39AM
What would your reaction be if you were "Suspended" on Gamefaqs? (Poll)
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Full Throttle189/18 6:37AM
Rate the video game INTRO SEQUENCE. Vol. 22 NHL '94 (SegaCD) (Poll)Blaqthourne39/18 6:36AM
describe the poster above youmayu780109/18 6:36AM
POTD what is your snowflake status?
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SchmensWife139/18 6:34AM
Question for single people living alone
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DeltaBladeX289/18 6:34AM
Do you think violent video games less than TV? (Poll)HenryKissiger89/18 6:33AM
This 18 y/o Kid smashed his car because a friend lights his Armpit on Fire!! (Poll)Full Throttle49/18 6:26AM
So I'm having a great f****** day
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kriemhilde00129/18 6:25AM
Yr if Scotland gains independence from the uk
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SHADOW0106179/18 6:25AM
Is this sexism against men? (Poll)Kyuubi426979/18 6:25AM
Who's the most evil character in Naruto. POSSIBLE SPOILERS (Poll)
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Flutershy169/18 6:24AM
Let's have a discussion about this poster: Duke
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edededdy179/18 6:21AM
What comes to mind when you hear 'Big Red'? (Poll)brisashi109/18 6:18AM