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Cowboys from hellDmess8528/24 12:54PM
I bought a new bathing suit today and it's a bikini.
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Jen0125798/24 12:46PM
Taco...just what...
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AllstarSniper32808/24 12:39PM
I've been to E3 twice. How about the rest of you that answered the first choice?Ulala Rules38/24 12:39PM
Wait a minute, did PSN get hacked again?
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Ao_Ryuu54148/24 12:36PM
if america makes a death note movie...
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mayu780178/24 12:34PM
chelle pops up in New Mexico news.pipebomb__sushi38/24 12:32PM
Day 199 Superhero/Hero/Antihero Mash up (Poll)scubasteve4288/24 12:28PM
Anyone else have issues with Comcast today?BlackScythe028/24 12:21PM
I'm smoking like a chimney trying to offset this friggin' anxiety...
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Arctic_Sunrise148/24 12:19PM
Uh oh Sin City 2 is getting bad (average) reviews
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Captain-Trips158/24 12:12PM
Rate this Villain Day 197 Ultimecia (Poll)scubasteve4288/24 12:06PM
I feel like going on an anime binge.
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party_animal07128/24 12:05PM
If you were Dating a Minority, would u Warn your Parents first or not tell them? (Poll)
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Full Throttle188/24 11:58AM
James Bond > The GodfatherYuffie36048/24 11:46AM
Do you (or would you) be more freaked out by your parents fighting or having sex (Poll)
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grumble_roar208/24 11:42AM
18 types of asian women\15 types of asian men, which is your favorite?Ao_Ryuu5498/24 11:34AM
Do you like the Twilight Zone (Poll)
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St_Kevin148/24 11:14AM
Lump on scrotum at the base of the shaft(not attached to it, though)?Krow_Incarnate28/24 11:08AM
I know nobody my age.Judgmenl68/24 10:47AM