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Hang out, Boredom Topic: Episode VII
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Rate this cartoon /10 -- Spider-Man (Poll)Slayer786167/30 10:12PM
Banana Bread.WastelandCowboy47/30 10:06PM
Wow I had a killer arena priest deck, except against druid for some reason :(
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Let's binge-watch Agent's of SHIELD! (Possible spoilers)
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So I had Dota2 in my Steam games before. Now I don't. What happened?bluPython67/30 9:49PM
My EVO Fightstick has less than an hour left and is at $129quigonzel17/30 9:46PM
Googling "Sexy Hitler" turns up some very weird results.BTB67/30 9:45PM
Today's poll really proves that this is Sony/Nintenfaqs.
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who are your favorite posters?
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Let's Vote on Controversy! Part 12: ALL THE DRUGS (Poll)Q_Sensei37/30 9:42PM
Let's Vote on Controversy! Part 10: Creationalism in Schools (Poll)Q_Sensei67/30 9:37PM
is anyone here a girl
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So I played Europa Universalis IV multiplayer for the first time tonightVenomX1827/30 9:21PM
Should Muslims be forced to make gay cakes?Indignation47/30 9:21PM
Magikarp uses Splash, it was Super EffectiveDeltaBladeX37/30 9:21PM
I bought this today.bluPython27/30 9:18PM
How Ripe do you like your banana? (Poll)
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Obama is getting sued.
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Im watching big brotherGreenfox11157/30 9:13PM