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Do elementary schools and middle schools really do Romeo and Juliet?
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Mr_melodramatic1510/19 5:54PM
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Super Mario RPG vs Kingdom Hearts II (Poll)
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farigonti2210/19 5:52PM
What is your favorite meat? (Poll)
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AwesomeTurtwig2610/19 5:49PM
Why do a fat girl's friends always say she looks great on facebook?
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B7_atdropofahat1510/19 5:49PM
Not a big fan of KH but they did an amazing job with this remixJunpeiclover110/19 5:31PM
I can't believe I just watched Andy Milonakis smoke weed with kaceytronfrybrain0094910/19 5:26PM
I'm going on my first date EVER tonight
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GameCuber185110/19 5:20PM
If you could make a movie out of a video game, what would it be? (Poll)
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Ao_Ryuu544710/19 4:55PM
So is Don't Starve any good?AllstarSniper321010/19 4:49PM
Holy s*** my jimmies hurt like hellBNVshark123410/19 4:46PM
Tekken 7 testing shows new characters. more sexualized women! good? or not ^-^
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Ryan-062210/19 4:46PM
Who is a poster you know by name, but have no opinion of?
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Mr_melodramatic2010/19 4:35PM
I got a 3KL for my topic about people too fat to even get out of bed.GanonsSpirit910/19 4:33PM
cat in box
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helIy1810/19 4:33PM