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If Kirby sucked you up and swallowed you, what power would he get?
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I've been drinking a cup of Earl Grey every dayZiggiStardust62/23 7:04PM
Making Chocolate SouffleeLokarin52/23 6:48PM
I wonder if we'll ever see the 48FPS versions of The Hobbit again.raymanfan152/23 6:44PM
Lord of the Rings: which to watch extended/theatrical?raymanfan162/23 6:43PM
How do you indicate that something belongs to your boss? (Poll)EclairReturns32/23 6:28PM
Do you have more messages in your outbox than the above poster?
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EclairReturns142/23 5:54PM
Which console has better exclusives: PS4 or XB1?Lobomoon82/23 5:43PM
Hey helly, u bored?ZiggiStardust22/23 5:35PM
road rage shooter may not even have had road rageZikten32/23 5:27PM
So I'm starting a job at a Christian youth shelter.Lazy_Haar62/23 5:26PM
sometimes when i start trolling, i get bored of it
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helIy132/23 5:13PM
My brother with Asperger's called me a 'bastard' just out of the blue.
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EclairReturns132/23 5:09PM
i want someone to play halo with me.
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helIy122/23 5:00PM
I sometimes marvel at things I write...Mehere22/23 4:31PM
dude...mayu78022/23 4:30PM
Gyllenhaal should have won Best Actor for Nightcrawlerquigonzel72/23 4:27PM
Wtf is wrong with the gaming industry?
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IceDragon77252/23 4:24PM
i wish this were real. Big Mac taco, with shell made from Funyons.
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helIy122/23 4:14PM