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God damn ungrateful dogs.Zareth45/6 6:07PM
OMG OMG OMG I just found out about the GTA San Andreas movie!
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AStrawhatPirate115/6 6:07PM
I have taken so many painkillers today.
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SpeeDLeemon205/6 6:07PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 425 Quicksilver (Poll)scubasteve4275/6 6:06PM
Rate this Villain Day 423 Baron Von Strucker (Poll)scubasteve4255/6 6:05PM
I was just messing around with the Explosm comic generator...
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GanonsSpirit155/6 6:04PM
Best country in the world (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link255/6 6:02PM
it's been 15 years since this broadcast of Foxkids....
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NightMareBunny185/6 6:02PM
i miss my avatar. ;-;
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Nade Duck195/6 6:00PM
The President has been kidnapped by ninjasTheWorstPoster75/6 5:53PM
Scenario: You are kidnapped by a stranger (Poll)DarknessLink765/6 5:52PM
Star Wars or Star Trek? (Poll)GanonsSpirit65/6 5:50PM
What's a masculine version of a feminine name?
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MrMelodramatic425/6 5:49PM
Going to Ultron... didn't even see the first AvengersLokarin65/6 5:49PM
I would disappoint Enji Night so hard.
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keyblader1985155/6 5:41PM
Child's skull with both sets of teethOmegaM45/6 5:40PM
You are now forced to permanently live on a nudist colony in Antarctica.
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TheWorstPoster145/6 5:40PM
I'm not getting the hype for these Tesla Powerwall battery things...
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papercup195/6 5:31PM
Dental plan!Action5325/6 5:29PM
New JonTron this Saturday, he's playing every Star Wars gamepapercup25/6 5:23PM