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Rate my build
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Sports Discussion Topic #101: To Pedro Strop's ports or depot
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I just beat my first play through of Dark Souls 2. *Spoilers*Xfma10029/2 8:07PM
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Playing one of the weirdest Games On Steam This Thursday(9/4)NightMareBunny19/2 7:45PM
Favorite Past DLC Part 32 The Strokes (Poll)
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Saudi religious police assault British nationalErik_P109/2 7:23PM
spilled all the cheetos on the carpet.DirtBasedSoap89/2 7:20PM
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I took a picture of me today.
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is there a gaming board here that doesn't have people being jerks
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Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson says he's as much a Homophobe as Jesus was.. (Poll)Full Throttle109/2 6:53PM
Advice on exchanging items (post break-up) (Poll)RikkuSwirls109/2 6:52PM
What would you say is the most over-covered track from Chrono Trigger?
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