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So I got some of those Buffalo Bob's wild game jerky andJoanOfArcade110/30 7:49PM
If I'm on your ignore list, please post here.
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The fact that Apple''s CEO came out as gay is important because...
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Well; that's... unnerving.keyblader1985710/30 7:42PM
Just wanted to say GO GIANTS!creamyspy69110/30 7:39PM
Rate the INTRO Vol 61 Dragon Spirit (TG-16) -- w/ video (Poll)Blaqthourne910/30 7:38PM
Official PotD SSB3DS Tournament!
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hnnnng so many good games on sale
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Science says that posting selfies ruins relationships.Metro2810/30 7:18PM
So what beer should I get?
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POLL: Are you going to grow a 'stache and/or beard this Movember? (Poll)
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Rate this Villain Day 258 Gill-man (Poll)scubasteve42610/30 7:09PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 260 Werewolf by Night (Poll)scubasteve42410/30 7:09PM
30 FPS is really more cinematicyourDaddie610/30 6:55PM
What is it with people rioting and going ape**** because of a sports game?Metro2510/30 6:47PM
So I was prescribed glasses the other day and need some help from someone withJoanOfArcade810/30 6:46PM
C/D: Everything can be releated to an episode of THe SimpsonsJudgmenl910/30 6:37PM
can be atheist without god (Poll)
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Entity, can I get a tarot card reading?
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