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Rate this Villain Day 302 Control Freak (Teen Titans) (Poll)scubasteve42812/18 9:01AM
chewy plays Zelda II
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bachewychomp1912/18 8:53AM
which movie will suck more: Fantastic Four(2015)Or Jem And The Holograms? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny3012/18 8:51AM
my cousins seem to think this bartender wants my d
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Muscles_4202512/18 8:42AM
whose the best youtuber off this list? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny2112/18 8:38AM
Oh my I'm against both GamerGate AND SJWs. Please don't downvote meJudgmenl512/18 8:31AM
Poll: Favorite Deli/Sandwich Meat (Poll)
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Silvenar2412/18 8:27AM
Not a big fan of anime but I'm really enjoying Persona Q
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mastermix30001812/18 8:08AM
I can't quite identify what I don't like about the PS3 inFamous games...raymanfan1812/18 7:57AM
Is it too late...? Did I miss the boat...? Omg...HeyYouPikaPoo612/18 7:56AM
George Zimmerman is not a White hispanicyourDaddie812/18 7:55AM
I don't understand people who hypnox before they go to sleep.Zareth212/18 7:53AM
Guys, I need a new cellphone. Interested in the Nexus...CaioNV312/18 7:47AM
45 minutes to travel 6 miles by car.Judgmenl612/18 7:47AM
The TF2 economy is probably stronger than some countries
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AwesomeTurtwig1312/18 7:43AM
f*** snow
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SHADOW01061112/18 7:21AM
I'm not much of a fan of Ryan Adams or Oasis, but I love this Wonderwall cover.Far-Queue712/18 7:00AM
I'm being completely honest here: I have never played a single Final Fantasy.Marcster1994912/18 6:58AM
Started Metal Gear Solid 4 for the first time.
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Storrac1312/18 6:19AM
Anime, Manga, VN, Osu, JRPG and Related Things Discussion Topic XXXXI
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