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I'm seriously considering getting a Wii U. These are the games I would get:green dragon102/1 7:37AM
remember those war battles in suikoden 2mayu78042/1 7:36AM
why is family guy seen as the most popular show currently airing on tv?NightMareBunny92/1 7:35AM
Do people seriously pour their cereal milk down the drain?
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Super_Thug44442/1 7:32AM
Net neutrality bill in 25 daysRedSox34212/1 7:21AM
Wow guys, today's poll is totes ridiculousBlighboy42/1 7:21AM
It's my mothaf***in birthday
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DirtBasedSoap122/1 7:21AM
nipple **** in hentai is dusturbing as hell
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mayu780252/1 7:17AM
Best game with the word star in the title?
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BlazeAndBlade282/1 7:15AM
Scariest Clown (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link302/1 7:14AM
I knew I shouldn't have bought the Walking Dead games!
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AllstarSniper32192/1 7:12AM
Sooo.. I acidentally hit a pole, and my headlight broke dragon12/1 7:07AM
So I played the rather lovely Resi remake... anyone for Dino Crisis remake? Yes?Arctic_Sunrise82/1 7:06AM
Today's Super Bowl pollG-Ziss92/1 6:47AM
Folks it's Sunday again.Judgmenl12/1 6:46AM
MOD BATTLE!!!! Lan vs QC (Poll)
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Go_Totodile322/1 6:42AM
Clueless gamer: mortal kombat x with gronk and lynchDishSoap22/1 6:32AM
Nade Duck: Did you beat Super Princess Peach?OmegaM42/1 6:27AM
about the super bowl poll
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Mike_24_7202/1 6:13AM
Baptists destroyed my yard.
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KogaSteelfang192/1 6:09AM