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My friend is an idiot.DirtBasedSoap88/28 4:47PM
Rate this cartoon /10 | Day 523 | Superman: The Animated Series (Poll)Slayer786168/28 4:37PM
Watching 300: Rise of an Empire...
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A 9 y/o Girl shoots an instructor in the head with an Uzi after it went off!!! (Poll)
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I'm replaying Final Fantasy 6, get in here if you want a character!
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You set up a language where the "letters" are colorsWhatPoll58/28 4:24PM
This is how I feel right now.Flutershy28/28 4:18PM
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare leaked earlyWhatPoll28/28 4:06PM
Watching The Simpsons Marathon has got me wondering...
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How is hunting for sport any less worse than what serial killers does?
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Oops! All Berries is what Crunch Berries should have been in the first placeMabinogiFan68/28 3:45PM
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Last Game Bought
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Is this the Halo board?ArctheLad1388/28 3:34PM
Is System Shock 2 worth a play if y'already know the stingerLokarin18/28 3:32PM
just when you think the doge is dead
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I post so little on Potd these days, I could get away with pretending to be new.Mehere68/28 3:27PM
A "Bachsmith" 5-pack just came out (Poll)AllstarSniper3298/28 3:25PM