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Everyone seemed to like Days of Future Past, but I didn't as much. *SPOILERS*saspa512/17 7:08AM
Is it weird that I would rather go to war with North Kore then play Silent HillsESMWjot812/17 6:51AM
McDonalds is downsizing their menu
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deadpigs10110012/17 6:50AM
watched 30 minutes of Wolf of Wallstreet (now on netflix)
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Lemur_Says1512/17 6:45AM
Holy crap did Valve just kill the marketplace?Judgmenl712/17 6:43AM
Not sure what to do about this week's Rocksmith DLCAllstarSniper32312/17 6:34AM
why is the internet so stupid about this candlejack meme?
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NightMareBunny5312/17 6:31AM
How do I get better at life?
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Stupid Pirate Guy1212/17 6:21AM
12 days of AVGN reviewsStupid Pirate Guy912/17 6:20AM
is hugging foreplay?
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SHADOW01061312/17 6:14AM
What's your best attribute regarding social interaction?tiago92812/17 5:57AM
dunno how to feel about famous people screaming at their fans on social mediaNightMareBunny812/17 5:03AM
I think I'm gonna play FFVIII again. How do I make it interesting?
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EclairReturns1512/17 4:56AM
Anyone have experience running Telltale games on integrated graphics?Brett8212/17 4:50AM
C/D You like fat women (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY3012/17 4:46AM
whose the best youtuber off this list? (Poll)NightMareBunny412/17 4:34AM
So Starbomb 2 came out today...
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raymanfan11112/17 3:37AM
Clifford the Big Red Dog creator died todayMetro2312/17 3:03AM
The first ever survival horror is clearly SinistarLokarin712/17 2:57AM
I have risen from the dead!
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Zikten1412/17 2:56AM