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I need a good Sci-Fi show on Netflix.
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knightoffire55274/25 10:13AM
Dwarf Fortress Mafia: Early Spring (Day 1)
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Lokarin514/25 10:12AM
Would you have a problem with the entire human population being mixed race? (Poll)
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FatalAccident154/25 10:12AM
so apparently european parents are fine with their little kids running off alone
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NightMareBunny154/25 10:10AM
How do you prefer your Let's Plays? (Poll)
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Lokarin154/25 10:07AM
what are some games that consist mainly only of boss fights? name emgreen dragon64/25 10:06AM
C/D you have been stung by an insect (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY424/25 10:06AM
I just cheated on my boyfriend again.
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Sylvia_Dia984/25 10:05AM
Something to think about when it comes to calling someone a "b****"
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VioletZer0284/25 10:03AM
i'm streaming destiny on twitch because i f***ING CANhelIy14/25 10:00AM
Just watched like 2 hours of Nerdy NummysLokarin104/25 9:56AM
I want a puppyDirtBasedSoap24/25 9:54AM
Those feels from Isabelle when I want to destroy my town and start new.WastelandCowboy24/25 9:50AM
Anti-Gay Bakers have to pay $135,000 to Lesbians for DISCRIMINATION!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle254/25 9:50AM
Now that's some pretty level designeating4fun104/25 9:50AM
I decided to redeem my Club Nintendo points, but they haven't been used.HeroofDark24/25 9:49AM
I miss the days when PrincessMagical didn't only talk about God and Jesus.WastelandCowboy44/25 9:44AM
This guy is stalking my posts, ruining my rep, acting agressive. (MORE INSIDE)
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Spectrum57394/25 9:44AM
My new computer is heavy, i would say around 50 lbsOgurisama64/25 9:42AM
What is the point of being Warned or in Purgatory when everyone just uses alts?SkynyrdRocker24/25 9:40AM