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Is tea not water anymore?FellWolf108/27 3:55PM
im poopin on tinychat
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Nade Duck118/27 3:33PM
which freddy mask do you like more
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urmomishawt04208/27 3:32PM
FYI: Hello Kitty is not a cat.Zareth98/27 3:22PM
This cop just looked at me...and I dont know if he was really sayin it..ThatBGoesKaboom38/27 3:15PM
Another month of s***** PS+ freebies
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Raganork10258/27 3:06PM
Whenever I see "z" in math, I keep calling it Zed not Zee
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shadowsword87258/27 2:41PM
I can't believe that I actually had to vote for GameStop.
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SunWuKung420168/27 2:35PM
My computer is brokenWhatPoll18/27 2:30PM
I bought a game cube at a yard sale. What a deal, I got.
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SunWuKung420208/27 2:20PM
Moving house tomorrow, quite stressed out. Talk to me.
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RudyBeoulve138/27 2:19PM
Does CronusMax allow for 360/Xbox One controller on PS4?MicrosoftLover18/27 2:18PM
TopicWhatPoll48/27 2:09PM
I just got TWD Season 2 for 2 DOTA 2 keys and 4 refinedAwesomeTurtwig48/27 1:54PM
Whats new in your world(s), potd?
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ungubby208/27 1:52PM
Today is my last day at my current job.Viking_Mudcrap48/27 1:35PM
So I open the fridge and inside there is....Krow_Incarnate78/27 1:33PM
Labor day weekend, classes off, what to do? (Poll)Kaushad98/27 1:31PM
The Wire is great partly because it serves as a great metaphor 4 the console war
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Kingmichael1337118/27 1:22PM
Bought myself another PS2 and some games for my birthday.
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Milleyd188/27 1:15PM