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There aren't any games I want to play.
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Judgmenl2610/17 10:25PM
Rate this cartoon /10 - Day 566 - Dave the Barbarian (Poll)Slayer7861610/17 10:06PM
Sexiest Doom Level Day 21: Gate To Limbo Vs. Halls Of Damned (Poll)Ugly Joe410/17 9:45PM
Superstitions. (this poll needed another option)bulbinking410/17 9:26PM
Well I've just seen the WORST microtransaction in gaming history.. for shame
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Ryan-062110/17 9:26PM
top 5 music tracks from the 80s?Bludgeonishness1010/17 9:24PM
This little cat came into my office.
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Milleyd2610/17 9:20PM
How can someone with trouble socializing deal with severe loneliness?
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Laffy4441810/17 9:14PM
How did Ron even get Hermoinne?
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Stupid Pirate Guy1210/17 9:11PM
Different types of feminism.
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VioletZer02310/17 8:53PM
All you unsociable people are depressing and weird. (Closed)zpoopinthe3rd410/17 8:47PM
Rate the INTRO SEQUENCE. Vol 50 Metal Wolf Chaos (XBox) (Poll)Blaqthourne1010/17 8:45PM
Shut up Mimsy!!!JanwayDaahl1010/17 8:32PM
A friend of mine got me into Magic: The Gathering last Thursday.
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Death_Of_Effie3010/17 8:31PM
Name every hipster band you can think of.
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knightoffire551110/17 8:19PM
can you play ps1/ps2 games on an hdtv...
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humptyrump1110/17 8:16PM
The Final Countdown! (Poll)NightMareBunny410/17 8:16PM
I am going to a taco festival this weekend.
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brisashi1310/17 8:08PM
If you see a naked man covered in bloodSt_Kevin210/17 7:54PM
Gamestop was sold out of Smash 3DS.....NightMareBunny710/17 7:46PM