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So how are there cute girls on dating sites?knightoffire55108/30 5:46PM
What kind of raw meat would most feel like "lady parts"?
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Best Movie of 2012 (Poll)
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A 9 y/o Girl shoots an instructor in the head with an Uzi after it went off!!! (Poll)
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Nethlek, Redgormor, Ulyaoth, Pargon..
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Town made up entirely of young, attractive, single women is seeking bachelors.
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As time passes I find myself understanding exclusive relationships less and lessMilleyd58/30 4:28PM
Day drinking alone and eating pizza.Jen012548/30 4:21PM
E.T. is an action filmYuffie36028/30 4:18PM
It's weird how one night out can feel totally different from another.
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Arctic_Sunrise118/30 4:16PM
How'd you like Kick Ass 2? SPOILERSCaptain-Trips48/30 4:09PM
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if i buy a seperate wireless router, would that be better than using my modemshelIy78/30 3:51PM
Joan Rivers is in a Coma as her Family makes a decision to pull the plug or not.Full Throttle18/30 3:46PM
If u had to have Sex between an Attractive Guy or Obese Girl, Who would u pick? (Poll)Full Throttle58/30 3:41PM
ATTN: TarrunExtremeM6598/30 3:41PM
When I say "woman" what is the first image that comes to mind? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei188/30 3:38PM
If Vegetarians claim to love animals so muchWhatPoll18/30 3:37PM