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Religion haters (elitist atheist) are worse that actual religious peopledavf135510/28 5:17PM
Why do people still post in kratosGearDaddie topics?bachewychomp710/28 5:15PM
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How close to the sun do you have to be to dieDmess85610/28 5:02PM
Can we please have some anti-gamergate folks that won't blather on about...
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VioletZer01710/28 4:50PM
Oh s***, a NASA rocket just exploded on launch
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SIvIart_USMC2610/28 4:48PM
Honest trailer: five nights at freddy'sPollGuy54510/28 4:21PM
Do you wear a seat belt when you're in a car? (Poll)
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Mr_melodramatic8710/28 3:59PM
How do so many people even get so fat >:(
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sxcFARTYPENGUIN2710/28 3:58PM
I keep forgetting I have class Tuesday night >.>Blighboy310/28 3:55PM
Can someone tl;dr the Lavender Town creepypasta form me?BigOlePappy110/28 3:42PM
And you thought Friday was the worst song ever...Metro2310/28 3:14PM
I love this college freshman memeAwesomeTurtwig1010/28 3:07PM
LinkedIn is pure cancer.Judgmenl410/28 3:03PM
So I made a really cool carved pumpkin based on Haunter
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N8051210/28 3:01PM
Thoughts about content for people who own multiple versions of a game?TacoOfTheOpera910/28 3:00PM
You know what's even worse than YouTube comments? Twitch's chat room.
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TesstheGoblin1910/28 2:46PM
My coworker is a hippie that smells like he...MicrosoftLover310/28 2:39PM
Damn, the new Humble Bundle is goodAwesomeTurtwig910/28 2:11PM