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I got 60 dollas and I'm going gamestop, any suggested?
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TheAoRyuu54288/18 1:50PM
Transgender severely addicted to surgeries.
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ZiggiStardust648/18 1:50PM
I bally got a smartphone how do I disable author correct?
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Ashphantom398/18 1:40PM
Mel Gibson seemed seriously coked-out at The Expendables premiere.
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ZiggiStardust128/18 1:38PM
What do you guys think of the Online Gamer?Metro228/18 1:37PM
Started watching the Ranma 1/2 movieDeltaBladeX58/18 1:17PM
I'm freaking out right now, PotD
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faramir77168/18 12:49PM
Is this accurate - about libertarianism?KainReaver10928/18 12:46PM
What kind of cake ~would~ work with pecan ice cream?
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Entity13248/18 12:41PM
puppet pornVenomX1898/18 12:18PM
I'm going to give Chrono Cross another shot (Closed)Raganork10108/18 11:55AM
Yessss new Bloodborne trailer
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acesxhigh208/18 11:45AM
I'm gonna stop being such a jerk.brisashi18/18 11:35AM
What's your opinion on Star Citizen?BNVshark12348/18 11:33AM
What do you think of the controversy surrounding the Dallas Buyer's Club?TheCorrection78/18 11:04AM
is this too feminine to put in my new room?
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FatalAccident168/18 11:02AM
Anyone in on the Heroes of the Storm alpha?
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Doctor Foxx208/18 10:50AM
So I applied for this job about a week or two ago
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Mr_melodramatic168/18 10:50AM
Why is that in the Legend of Zelda games, required items are found in dungeons?WhatPoll88/18 10:27AM
Sometimes I miss highschoolViking_Mudcrap68/18 10:10AM