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would you rather play Sonic 06 as your only game for a year or...? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny3312/17 11:20PM
My work gave me my "Christmas bonus" today.
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Kanakiri1212/17 11:14PM
Need help remembering a music maker app. it was like 20x20 squaresBuddha1187612/17 11:03PM
This Hunting Girl almost cries her eyes out when her Senior Photo was Denied.... (Poll)Full Throttle412/17 10:59PM
would you live here?
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argonautweekynd1512/17 10:54PM
My mom loathes Kimchi, and ive got a pound jar of it in the fridge.
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argonautweekynd1512/17 10:53PM
Cosplay Topic Part 06
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AllstarSniper321812/17 10:49PM
what a loserargonautweekynd512/17 10:47PM
wow... street fighter 5....mayu780612/17 10:37PM
take off your shoes and your socks then walk around on the rug bare foot andCaptain-Trips512/17 10:16PM
Survivor Australian Outback is still the best season >_>Milleyd212/17 10:11PM
Sony really cancelled 'The Interview'?
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Muscles_4202712/17 10:07PM
Save Walter WhiteJoanOfArcade612/17 10:03PM
Single mom can't afford to but things for her kids. She works a min. wage job...
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green dragon3012/17 10:01PM
I am extremely close to keeping and maintaining a 200 average
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WhatPoll3312/17 10:00PM
Better Call Saul!EggsBenedikt212/17 9:53PM
How could you forget me?knightoffire55512/17 9:34PM
I hurt the Gingerbread BoyOmegaTomHank112/17 9:16PM
I want this Lego setOgurisama1012/17 9:12PM
I wish the mods would delete this boardacesxhigh712/17 9:05PM