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This generation needs a new "Crysis" type gameWhatPoll38/30 3:17PM
If you're a vegan who does Cross fit,DirtBasedSoap38/30 3:13PM
PotDer Civilization V game tonight!AwesomeTurtwig78/30 3:10PM
Happy Birthday ICOYAR/Whatpoll!
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C/D love is obsession. (Poll)Flutershy78/30 3:09PM
Is it a "right" to be racist? (Poll)
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How often do you say "love you" to your siblings? (Poll)
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Hey I'm prez! I'M NOT SO PREZ! And we're the PrezGrumpsLokarin18/30 2:50PM
Well, I just failed my first history test. AMA
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Is it sexist to be anything by bi-sexual? (Poll)
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Im tired of seedless watermelon. I can't find seeded ones anywhere.davf13528/30 2:01PM
What type of woman do you like? (Poll)
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Eight minutes of no one posting on PotD.Mr_melodramatic38/30 1:54PM
i also bought this just nowhelIy18/30 1:25PM
God I don't know how so many people can have babies right out of high schoolfrybrain009478/30 1:11PM
Taco bell is launching an upscale version to compete with chipotle
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brisashi268/30 1:06PM
Got modded for saying I spent my first paycheck on "hookers and blow"
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FellWolf188/30 1:02PM
Have you ever smoked hookah?JokePoster58/30 12:52PM
Something sad
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