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Delta is dead (again)
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What instrument should I learn next? Violin? Ukelele? Something else? (Poll)
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I have an opinion, I deserve to be heard. (Poll)DrPrimemaster37/27 9:51PM
I hate puns, what about you? (Poll)
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Don't you just love driving at night?
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Anyone here watches "Space Dandy".
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What did you think of Egoraptor's Ocarina of Time Sequelitis? (Poll)
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Virginia acted dimickeyfaramir7767/27 9:42PM
lol my mom is better than me she would throw a party before me.ReggieBush0917/27 9:33PM
Anyone got a free IQ test website?
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Kimbos_Egg267/27 9:31PM
Has anyone watched boyhood?eating4fun17/27 9:30PM
250 Million Dollars tax free but you can only have sex with men and must (Poll)
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