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How do I go about getting a tattoo?
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Kanakiri131/30 8:15PM
Greatest Movie Series Ever Round 1: Match 30: Ghostbusters vs. Underworld (Poll)quigonzel51/30 8:14PM
omg I just shaved my head and it feels amazingSt_Kevin61/30 8:12PM
Oh hey, Transformice is F2P in steam nowAwesomeTurtwig11/30 8:12PM
My friend tattooed this woman's rear upper legs. (Poll)
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SunWuKung420241/30 8:12PM
Dad's really unwell, but hospital won't do s*** until Monday.
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Arctic_Sunrise161/30 8:12PM
In tomorrow's Poll of the Day, do not endorse cheating if you decide to vote.-LusterSoldier-21/30 8:11PM
I wish Thunder and Shenti still posted here regularly.
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TonyCIifton161/30 8:10PM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC part 50 Green Day (Poll)AllstarSniper32101/30 8:07PM
I am tired of homosexual propaganda on this site getting a free pass.
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Dazed2684161/30 8:06PM
now that FPS are declining which genre would you prefer to become the dominant? (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link371/30 8:04PM
Today I woke and looked outside againBlazeAndBlade31/30 8:03PM
When go dancing do you go by yourself or with friends? (Poll)knightoffire5561/30 8:01PM
ITT: Stupid things you did as a kidAwesomeTurtwig61/30 7:59PM
I will never understand people who whine about being modded.WastelandCowboy61/30 7:57PM
My stupid mom won't give me my share of her tax return money
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I_hate_bacon321/30 7:55PM
My router may be comprised/hack. Help? Watch Dogs!! :OBushidoEffect341/30 7:51PM
I'm so addicted to this song!AllstarSniper3241/30 7:51PM
I watched up to half of season 2, why the F should I keep going? Boring as ballsdarcandkharg3131/30 7:51PM
Do you think people who order things "to go" when they eat there are (Poll)
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DrPrimemaster741/30 7:50PM