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So do I have to play Final Fantasy 13? <_<
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this a public PSA service announcementSHADOW010629/17 9:53PM
So I have 30 bucks in my battle net account
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There is a World War Z book on tape, and its really good.DrPrimemaster19/17 9:51PM
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Giving away 2 Australian Smash Bros codesAugustDreaming109/17 9:48PM
Would anyone here give a **** if I started a women's only gaming group?
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what would they name the last final fantasy game?
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This 18 y/o Kid smashed his car because a friend lights his Armpit on Fire!! (Poll)Full Throttle19/17 9:38PM
Adopted a kitty today: Ask me anything
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So, Scotland people - how did you vote? (Poll)
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Did I do good? PSN PAL Retro saleDeltaBladeX39/17 9:31PM
Chill out / Late Night Boredom Topic part 8
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Chin up, even if you're not adoptedGanonsSpirit29/17 9:22PM
This 17 y/o Kid wants his Senior Picture taken with his Cat..Should they do it?? (Poll)
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Do you think being a bro is something you're born with or something you become?argonautweekynd19/17 9:21PM
vesperia should be ported onto the vitahelIy59/17 9:17PM