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my friend is watching some british haggling show, and keeps texting me askinghelIy87/27 9:59AM
Are there any furry reality shows?Chef_Excellence27/27 9:37AM
ATTN: hellyMr_melodramatic27/27 9:28AM
80 y/o Man who thought he killed a pregnant female intruder was NOT pregnant. (Poll)
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Full Throttle687/27 9:22AM
What kind of jobs would I be able to get from studying math in university?
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TehRYNOL237/27 9:15AM
Just caught up with girl meets world.bluPython97/27 9:06AM
Utah has the most Firework related fires and injuries in July than any other...bluPython47/27 9:02AM
gf thinks my facebook profile pic is bad and I should change itJvaas47/27 8:59AM
I wonder if method actors treat the actors who play their nemesises like s***...crinalex77/27 8:42AM
The real reason why spongebob is replacing korra
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eating4fun357/27 8:39AM
Always remember.Flutershy27/27 8:26AM
Anyone want to test xFAQs for me? (Firefox Addon)
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Judgmenl4107/27 8:17AM
saw a mexican grocery store that had A Marvel Vs Capcom Arcade MachineNightMareBunny57/27 8:15AM
So TLoU MP is getting an emote called "The GIF"raymanfan137/27 8:13AM
Why do parents say "there are starving kids in China" to get kids to eat?
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WhatPoll317/27 7:58AM
What do you think the above poster's fetish is?
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AwesomeTurtwig2097/27 7:32AM
just had raunchy sexy with some rando off grindr
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metalconkerrr197/27 7:25AM
Inb4 "lol stop being so melodramatic"Mr_melodramatic97/27 7:24AM
Stop what you're doing and go watch Snowpiercer
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papercup117/27 6:43AM
"Review and Unboxing" videos make no sense.bluPython27/27 6:34AM