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Did you ever tell your parents you hated them?
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Chef_Excellence173/28 4:02AM
I'm against gay marriage.
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thedeerzord403/28 4:01AM
I hate horror films.
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Storrac223/28 3:53AM
Best version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Poll)
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Who is in the right here? (Poll)
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Amanda Knox finally found innocent of all chargesZikten83/28 3:22AM
C.A.M.E.: Gritty Reboot
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Kanakiri1543/28 3:18AM
Not gonna lie, I'm kinda very interested in this TyranoBuilder game.AllstarSniper3253/28 3:12AM
Why is it so freakin' hard to talk to people?
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Armor King 108243/28 3:00AM
What happened to my advanced options?!Komaiko5463/28 2:59AM
why does it seem like people are way too busy these days?NightMareBunny33/28 2:58AM
Being ugly is a curse in America.
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VagrantAI403/28 2:57AM
Honestly, Savannah Citadel Day Act 2 is worse than Eggmanland.Gamechamp3k13/28 2:49AM
Remember when pretty much every link on the internet was blue and underlined?JokePoster53/28 2:19AM
How would i go about getting back into school?ineedhelp21243/28 2:16AM
Capitalism is a terrible idea. (An open letter to the US.)Seabutcher63/28 2:07AM