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I'm getting too old for gaming.Storrac712/27 2:51PM
Yesterday I got the Mega Man Anniversary Collection for the GameCube.CaioNV812/27 2:50PM
do British/aus girls say "mate"?acesxhigh312/27 2:48PM
So my girlfriend changed her hair from brunette to blonde.
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Gimpt32212/27 2:48PM
Yesterday I had to clear my cookies to enter the PS store...
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Nichtcrawler X2412/27 2:44PM
Gaming PC costs?
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CSRouge961112/27 2:41PM
This 13 y/o Kid cried his eyes out cause XBOX Live was down on Christmas... (Poll)
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Full Throttle2212/27 2:39PM
I swore off pop for a year but accidentally drank something with it mixed in. (Poll)
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Storrac1912/27 2:37PM
What happened to Zikten?
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bachewychomp2412/27 2:30PM
the xbox one stereo headset adaptor blew me away.helIy612/27 2:29PM
Please explain to me why people spend $200+ on headphones?
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Judgmenl6312/27 2:21PM
Awwwww yiss, Tiger BalmSIvIart_USMC112/27 2:20PM
When is the time to stop living like you're 15?Solid Sonic312/27 2:10PM
Rate my drawing please
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grape_purple1712/27 2:06PM
Do you take your dead batteries to be properly disposed of? (Poll)
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teh Fro Man3512/27 2:01PM
Sounds like Springfield's got a discipline problem!bachewychomp812/27 1:51PM
Are you worried about the rate of population growth/use of natural resources? (Poll)
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DelectableTears1712/27 1:50PM
$150, planning to spend on PS3 games, opinions?11117Elements612/27 1:47PM
If you had your own drone/UAV, what would you do with it?WastelandCowboy812/27 1:40PM
guess the above person's smash 3DS/Wii-U Main?
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NightMareBunny1912/27 1:31PM