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I think I have a low tolerance for alcoholic beverages.Dan0429610/22 7:07PM
Avengers 2 leak said "This April" official trailer says"May"quigonzel310/22 7:07PM
What condiments for chicken tenders?
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BigOlePappy1410/22 7:06PM
Joined a fundraiser, and most people are ignoring my texts about a donatiosupergamer191010/22 7:05PM
Obama is such a trollAwesomeTurtwig810/22 7:05PM
People called me a frat boy as I walked into my club meeting
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BNVshark1231810/22 7:04PM
Whoever leaked the Avengers 2 trailer was evil. I guess it really was Hydradavf135510/22 7:04PM
October is castlevania month!
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Dmess851110/22 7:03PM
Someone help me remember this sports wrestling show that aired in syndication?Creepyposter610/22 7:02PM
Why men need feminism.
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VioletZer01510/22 7:01PM
This 19 y/o Marine strangled a Filipino Girl to Death because she was born a Guy (Poll)
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Full Throttle3110/22 7:00PM
Rate that cartoon /10 |Day 571| Teen Titans Go! (Poll)Slayer7861810/22 7:00PM
Rest in Peace Betty White
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JoanOfArcade1110/22 6:59PM
What are you currently listening to?
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WastelandCowboy1310/22 6:58PM
No new South Park this week
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deadpigs1011610/22 6:57PM
Hey look, the new Avengers; Age of Ultron trailer leaked...
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EternalNether1510/22 6:51PM
Have you seen the film, "A Long Way Down"FellWolf110/22 6:50PM
How often do you wash bedding? (Poll)RJP_X710/22 6:49PM
rate me as a person be brutally honestIAmNowGone910/22 6:48PM
Does anyone recognize what song this is "sampling"?UltraIchi610/22 6:46PM