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Miss Hitler 2014 in Russia has sparked Twitter Outrage over Racist Girls!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1210/19 10:22AM
Oh my god, Godzilla 2014 was AWESOME! SPOILERS incoming.
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saspa2410/19 10:21AM
How can you be unemployed and live alone? Hmmm..Ryan-061010/19 10:19AM
Would you bang Kana?
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pipebomb_phil1910/19 10:01AM
I really am a sociopath
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BNVshark1232410/19 9:51AM
Anyone watch the new Korra episode? *SPOILERS*
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Xfma1001610/19 9:46AM
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What Pokemon type mixture would you like to see that doesn't exist
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JoanOfArcade2910/19 9:36AM
I am Lorde!! Ya ya ya!!!quigonzel110/19 9:36AM
How's your experience in the For Glory mode in Smash Bros 3DS?
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TesstheGoblin1310/19 9:21AM
Playstation 3 prank
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Sylvia_Dia1910/19 9:18AM
Favorite color of hair? (Poll)
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Ao_Ryuu543010/19 9:02AM
I'm crazy for feet... rate this girl.KurowKefka810/19 8:56AM