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you wake up in the middle of the night and 3 aliens are in your roomZikten83/30 8:50PM
Cat owners: about how much money per month does it cost to care for your cat?Sand_Flare33/30 8:50PM
I hope my dog doesn't think we're getting rid of her.
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Storrac113/30 8:47PM
It never ends!DeltaBladeX13/30 8:47PM
I just can't play Five NightsLokarin43/30 8:46PM
So, how could Socket survive 5 damn minutes without putting his tail inTheWorstPoster33/30 8:43PM
the tight leggings and new balance shoes look is the bestacesxhigh103/30 8:36PM
CYOA: You are watching the local news, when the broadcast abruptly ends...
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TIE5431963/30 8:35PM
Killing Floor in about an hour?AllstarSniper32103/30 8:32PM
applying for some scholarships!MrMelodramatic83/30 8:24PM
skateboarded down to the store to get a sandwich
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acesxhigh183/30 8:14PM
Why is life such a mess?RedSox34233/30 8:03PM
SpeeD's NFL Pick 'Em League 2015 - Divisions
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SpeeDLeemon293/30 7:51PM
Rate the PotDer - Day Fifty-Five - Ashphantom (Poll)
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SpeeDLeemon333/30 7:50PM
We need a new Monster Rancher game.twa55633/30 7:49PM
ATTN: Friends of the Ash AKA the Ashening; the Ash topic ie. I'm gonna post ITT
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Ashphantom213/30 7:39PM
Nominations for the Greatest Game Ever: Topic III - The Cut List (Closed)
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quigonzel383/30 7:35PM
Do you ever think someone has hypnoxed while thinking about you?
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BNVshark123213/30 7:26PM
I got a Pes dispenser from the WalmartLokarin33/30 7:07PM
I just used a line from In the Line of Fire to get out of an argument on...Dan042913/30 7:05PM