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Why are people assuming and trying to find deep meaning in ME!ME!ME!?
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DarkKirby25001711/25 6:38PM
"It's better to be judged by 12 than get carried by 6"Chef_Excellence711/25 6:31PM
When you are watching your [romance films] do you ever stumble on dubbed stuff?bachewychomp611/25 6:31PM
The ads on his site really slowed down my firefox - decided to download adblock.Lobomoon111/25 6:26PM
Do you think my new sig makes it easier for people to add me? (Closed)EclairReturns811/25 6:25PM
Sleepy Hollow is turning into one of the best shows I've ever seen.Judgmenl311/25 6:15PM
I wish the game of thrones telltale game came before Tales from the BorderlandsZikten911/25 6:14PM
My shoulder problem is acting up... (Closed)Lokarin911/25 6:08PM
Im making a new game called 5 nights in Ferguson
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SchmensWife1411/25 6:02PM
Gymnast Girls have the best ass
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The_Sexorcist1811/25 6:00PM
Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without the Buffy Thanksgiving episodeCaptain-Trips411/25 5:25PM
This is the greatest catch of All Time
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Metro21111/25 5:21PM
If Britney loves rock n roll why does she sing pop?
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The_Sexorcist1511/25 5:01PM
Awww... My Husband Just Gave Me a Present...
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JediMutant1611/25 4:59PM
On tonight: Ferguson Riots Night 2: Electric BoogalooCiIantro711/25 4:41PM
Is it bad to take three days funeral leave when you only need one?slacker03150811/25 4:39PM
Conclusion I made #1: I don't like video games.
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Judgmenl3211/25 4:28PM
C/D there are no superior races but there are superior cultures (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link2811/25 4:27PM
My early 23andme results are in. Kind of interesting. Yay genetics.
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Doctor Foxx1711/25 4:26PM
CIS is term created by trans so straights and gays don't call themselves normal
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yourDaddie7011/25 4:26PM