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The Confederate Flag
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GEKGanon757/28 3:22PM
How do I make a font... without downloading 3rd party crap? That's what google'dLokarin27/28 3:22PM
I used to beleive framerate drops were on propuseyourDaddie67/28 3:08PM
I don't like wearing ties, nor do I care for buttoning shirts up to the neck.WastelandCowboy67/28 2:44PM
I've got to be more aggressive about stopping games I'm not fully enjoying.ZiggiStardust77/28 2:40PM
So I'm running out of shows on Netflix, and I came across The X-Files
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StripedTiger227/28 2:39PM
Andrew WK just responded to one of my tweets.Storrac107/28 2:31PM
Gay station 4reptar__on__ice37/28 2:31PM
just had raunchy sexy with some rando off grindr
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metalconkerrr207/28 2:29PM
Why do some people care so much about grammer on the internet?
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yourDaddie167/28 2:09PM
Do you watch any shows or play any games that you're embarrassed to watch/play?
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SkynyrdRocker167/28 2:07PM
I did one time tell my twinbrother that I knew what he did at night >_<
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LeetCheet117/28 2:04PM
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Mafia - Day 4 Is this over yet?
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OmegaTomHank2967/28 1:36PM
I may be a little biased, but I think Paul Wall is the best white rapper ever.
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ESMWjot407/28 1:36PM
While rewatching Bleach, I realized that...SunWuKung42067/28 1:34PM
is Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights the best music video ever?Unfernal_Server17/28 1:24PM
Have you ever noticed in TV and movies that if...VioletZer027/28 1:18PM
Maisie Williams (Arya Stark in GoT) in talks to play Ellie in TLoU movie
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Far-Queue207/28 1:18PM
Do Canadians understand all the bacon jokes/memes/crazes?MasterSword54677/28 1:03PM
I legit hate how the coin symbol in SMB3 is a freakin dollar signgreen dragon77/28 1:01PM