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So, on a scale of 1 to Deliverance... how stereotypical do I look right here?
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BTB454/27 3:42PM
So how do you feel about this whole 'Global Warming' thing?KainReaver10994/27 3:42PM
I think my friend just killed himself
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deadpigs101614/27 3:41PM
cabn ik get shekels mailed to me?TitanStrike94/27 3:41PM
I'm nearing the end of Bloodborne on NG+.Dynalo94/27 3:41PM
bill burr is funny as hellrgonautweekend64/27 3:40PM
Greatest Game Ever - Round 1: Match 25: Symphony of the Night vs. Vagrant Story (Poll)
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So, I accidentally scored the PSN ID of the prettiest girl in my C# class
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Cobra Vs. HydraLokarin84/27 3:31PM
Re: America sucks topicNade Duck24/27 3:29PM
Where exactly did they start screaming and taking forever to power up in DBZ?keyblader1985104/27 3:28PM
Welp, they finally did it. They axed almost all of my alternate accounts.
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DukeRaoul23264/27 3:27PM
How do you view people on the internet? (Poll)DarknessLink774/27 3:26PM
Moving old hard drives to new computer.That_70s_show54/27 3:25PM
white people f***in love whole foods
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Nade Duck394/27 3:19PM