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Could life on Earth ever be like as it is in Heaven?WastelandCowboy15/24 11:13AM
I don't understand how male showers can last over 10 minutes.
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ArtistScientist495/24 11:12AM
This Alabama Teacher was Suspended after she hoped 4 Teens get RAPED in Jail!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle165/24 11:12AM
Rate that TV Show ~ Day 757 ~ The Crocodile Hunter (Poll)SIayer-25/24 11:11AM
Are you a virgin? (Poll)
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Metro2615/24 11:10AM
i almost get the feeling texas will never see the sun again......
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NightMareBunny115/24 11:09AM
Do you agree with same sex marriage?
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tiago92625/24 11:09AM
Are you glad BluPython is back? (Poll)
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MonsterZed215/24 11:09AM
Which gamer race are you? (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link115/24 11:08AM
Do you consider yourself a PC gamer? (Poll)Judgmenl105/24 11:06AM
Los Angeles To Have $15 Minimum Wage In 2020!
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aDirtyShisno275/24 11:06AM
I make a living through a government grant to look for space aliens. AMA.ArtistScientist105/24 11:01AM
So, I decided I was going to try parrying Gwyn this time, which I usually don't.adjl85/24 11:00AM
Rank the Hero Classes in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls by Preferencegguirao15/24 10:59AM
Epic Rap Battles of History set to return tomorrowJoanOfArcade25/24 10:59AM
Modder added Just Cause 2's grappling hook to GTA V, and it's awesome.Grendel Prime35/24 10:59AM
C/D The customer is always right
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PowerOats395/24 10:54AM
What recent games had the best final stage?JanwayDaahl45/24 10:52AM
Why are droughts a thing when we have oceans?Metro275/24 10:51AM
I find collarbones attractiveErik_P45/24 10:46AM