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Does anyone have any opinions on mecha design?
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Lokarin375/6 8:35PM
Which high adrenaline explosion spewing male ego MANLY game should I get? (Poll)
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Lokarin195/6 8:31PM
Worth checking out, even if you're not a fan.... *spoilers?*Krow_Incarnate15/6 8:31PM
This guy reminds me of myself, like what if I made a dip review video?rgonautweekend45/6 8:30PM
I'm getting snapchat trolled lol (PotD writes my responses)
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MrMelodramatic125/6 8:28PM
I wish I had a 300 DPI 6"x9" e-ink kindle with autolight adjustment...ArtistScientist35/6 8:26PM
I have a good ideaTheWorstPoster25/6 8:18PM
I'm not getting the hype for these Tesla Powerwall battery things...
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papercup255/6 8:17PM
Germany creates statue toEdward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link265/6 8:15PM
McDonald's new Hamburglar has people calling him a HIPSTER!! Do you like him?? (Poll)Full Throttle95/6 8:12PM
E3 is almost here!!!
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Storrac255/6 8:06PM
How much money is in your trust fund? (Poll)brisashi55/6 8:06PM
hey guys and guys pretending to be girls
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chews135/6 8:03PM
Is it true for everyone? The color your lips are is the color of your nipples
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r7gerrabbit175/6 8:01PM
I'll be going on a cactus adventure later today
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BNVshark123585/6 8:00PM
anyone wants to help me get the zelda outfit in mh4u?ernieforss45/6 7:57PM
where the hell did my avatar agohelIy25/6 7:54PM
This 23 y/o Girl had sex with a 15 y/o Kid and 2 DOGS!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle315/6 7:54PM
Elizabeth Olsen is hot
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RandomBoss165/6 7:50PM
You have Spider-Man powers, but you can only shoot webbing from your...Gumby_42055/6 7:49PM