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apparently this is the most popular show on cartoon network right now....
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NightMareBunny651/31 9:37PM
Where's the "who cares" option on the PoTD?Sherm128101/31 9:34PM
Remember when Broken age Act 2 was supposed to exist?twa55631/31 9:34PM
post some cute anime pics ^_______________^
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Ryan-062431/31 9:32PM
Haven't posted here in a whileDeliFlatChest11/31 9:30PM
How do you blow in Phoenix Wright?ESP Samus51/31 9:16PM
There should be a "I don't care" option in today's pollgoron_tunic91/31 9:14PM
I feel like I don't get what id was going for with Rage...(spoilers!)papercup31/31 9:03PM
Super BowlBloodlustSweden31/31 8:51PM
Which Thundercats cartoon do you prefer? (Poll)BroodRyu91/31 8:49PM
I'm about to start playing Resident Evil Revelations (3DS).HeroofDark81/31 8:46PM
The Iron Giant worth $5 on DVD?
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Stupid Pirate Guy161/31 8:35PM
some redneck lady interrupts a muslim speaker on muslim day in texas
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ZiggiStardust371/31 8:21PM
If i start watching Dr Who where should I start?JoanOfArcade101/31 8:16PM
Greatest Movie Series Ever Round 1: Match 31 Fast/Furious vs. Planet of the Apes (Poll)quigonzel31/31 8:11PM
C/D: Kids shouldn't use internet/computer
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The_Sexorcist151/31 7:59PM
Why is eating a horse frowned upon?
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Action53251/31 7:54PM
Gamestop power rewards questioncalender6871/31 7:41PM
I'm surprised I still recognise a few people here.pigfish9921/31 7:32PM
Hey Dr. Foxx. I got a fat kitty hereargonautweekynd101/31 7:31PM