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Metal Gear Solid 4 is really wearing me out.Storrac12/1 1:37PM
Has a team ever won the super bowl twice in a row?
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I'm a Seattle native and I hope the Seahawks win.Milleyd72/1 1:35PM
ATLUS and NIS are the cancer killing JRPGs (Poll)
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JoanOfArcade132/1 1:33PM
Stephen Bean topic Series 2 Episode 2, A House Divided
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Is commuting to work just an American thing?Chef_Excellence52/1 1:31PM
what would you do if Isis brand Islam turned out to be the one true religion?
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Zikten282/1 1:26PM
AMA 60 Winter Edition.Silvenar82/1 1:23PM
woke up late this mornin', a storm was really rollingNade Duck12/1 1:21PM
Why do we give little girls skirts?
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Solid Sonic152/1 1:20PM
Mass Effect 1 steam: I just got accepted to a CSU editon.BBalla1032/1 1:19PM
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Update on my relationship with my first girlfriend
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GameCuber18142/1 1:16PM
i've went back and started playing diablo 3 againhelIy32/1 1:13PM
Race Mecha and I in Vanquish tomorrow!
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Raganork10172/1 1:12PM
I just want to remind everyone I've never played D&D.
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Judgmenl182/1 1:09PM
The SImpsons is the greatest children's comedy show everThe_Sexorcist22/1 1:07PM