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It's too bad people judge Orson Scott Card for his comments on homosexuals...
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SunWuKung420371/30 9:55PM
In the next 5 minutes, PotD decides, should I have another Lagunitas Maximus ale (Poll)SunWuKung42011/30 9:54PM
Child support is such balogna.Sylvia_Dia91/30 9:53PM
Poll is missing an optionCapri chan31/30 9:53PM
For Science: Ketchup & Mayo mix taste test preference (Poll)
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ObligatoryFate131/30 9:53PM
I will never understand people who whine about being modded.
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WastelandCowboy161/30 9:51PM
So I played the rather lovely Resi remake... anyone for Dino Crisis remake? Yes?Arctic_Sunrise31/30 9:51PM
I am tired of homosexual propaganda on this site getting a free pass.
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Dazed2684341/30 9:46PM
What do you think of Metal Gear Rising?
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raymanfan1131/30 9:44PM
Peter DinklageJoanOfArcade51/30 9:44PM
Female beings/spirits in ancient mythology. Nereids, undine, harpies, and more?AC_Dragonfire31/30 9:37PM
How do I go about getting a tattoo?
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Kanakiri221/30 9:35PM
ITT: Stupid things you did as a kid
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AwesomeTurtwig141/30 9:34PM
29 percent cheering for the wrong team.ReggieBush0911/30 9:33PM
New Game of Thrones trailer!Captain-Trips31/30 9:32PM
Best pocket for holding a smartphone? (Poll)
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SIayer-191/30 9:32PM
Frosted Flakes Vs Captain Crunch Berries (Poll)NightMareBunny41/30 9:26PM
My stupid mom won't give me my share of her tax return money
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I_hate_bacon361/30 9:22PM
Scariest Clown (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link91/30 9:21PM
PR Dino Charge premieres tomorrow...Milleyd81/30 9:21PM