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I'm doing that thing where I play League of Legends.
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Judgmenl509/1 2:54PM
Would you rather hug the above poster or punch them?
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Ao_Ryuu54159/1 2:54PM
Whenever there a nudes leaked, I'm always reminded of how ****y we all are.UnbiasTobias19/1 2:53PM
Why do women have such an obsession for nude photo's of themselves?r7gerrabbit39/1 2:51PM
I didn't rub to a single one of the leaked celebrity nudes yesterday.Storrac19/1 2:51PM
These cinnamon bun potato chips...
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Kanakiri189/1 2:50PM
It's Miss-er-ee, not Miss-qwerty-eh.UnbiasTobias29/1 2:48PM
You ever sit back and think if any commercials worked on you?Indignation89/1 2:48PM
Okay I am going to pick ONE game on /vg/'s catalogue and play itJudgmenl29/1 2:46PM
ATTN: Ao_Ryuu54
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Ogurisama789/1 2:46PM
How about all those nudes of J Law?
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ASlaveObeys409/1 2:44PM
You know what I can't stand about next-gen graphics?rodman87049/1 2:40PM
have exclamation marks gone thicker on this websiteLootman49/1 2:39PM
does it bother you that you are going to die alone?
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mayu780239/1 2:38PM
Would you rather date someone who is half your weight or 1.5x your weight? (Poll)
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Jvaas239/1 2:36PM
Any ideas when or if Walmart, will allow preorders for the Mario Kart 8 Bundle?Melon_Master19/1 2:32PM
Sports Discussion Topic #101: To Pedro Strop's ports or depot
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bachewychomp1409/1 2:25PM
Call me racist, but I think I enjoy FFX-2 more because it's in English.T-dus69/1 2:21PM
ATTN: anyone from Belgiummuchmusic6459/1 2:18PM
It's "Or - eh - gun", not "Or - ee - gone"!kgood052189/1 2:16PM