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How many of these would you actually do?Xade7653/1 3:01AM
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How could someone **** that up so badly?DeltaBladeX53/1 2:49AM
Intentionally terrible comedy is really hard to do.Chef_Excellence33/1 2:43AM
Merry Christmas everybody!RedSox34243/1 2:14AM
just saw Boyhood. one flawacesxhigh43/1 1:51AM
Which do you value more in a story? (Poll)
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You now either have a choice, of making the best game ever, or a mediocre one
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Watching Bram Stoker's Dracula....quigonzel33/1 12:08AM
What are 3 things you dislike about yourself? And 3 things you like about yourse
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So, I started watching Gurren Lagann.
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Do you listen to podcasts?
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Started watching Naruto again since now available in my regionLokarin102/28 11:24PM
3-1 pollballen201422/28 11:13PM
The best thing about Crown Royal is the fact it comes with a bag.
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"Radio" apps that offer offline listening for paid subscriptions?Bugmeat62/28 11:02PM
Saturday Night Live outrages fans after they do ISIS Parody..(SPOILERS)!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle22/28 11:01PM
my little minecraft server village is really coming together.
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You all love multiplayer don't you?blackhrt92/28 10:31PM