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We should all pray to have the courage this woman hasJudgmenl311/18 4:21PM
The Babadook is hands down the best horror film in years.ESP Samus811/18 4:18PM
It's great living in a small state like Delaware. (sm4sh related) (TL;DR prone)
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Ao_Ryuu542411/18 4:17PM
Did anyone like Shinobi for the PS2?Dmess85411/18 4:14PM
cant wait for joe dirt 2, because david spade rules!
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argonautweekynd2011/18 4:07PM
Please test my Demo, Trap Dat Ninja (Ninja Hell Shooter)...
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pionear1611/18 4:05PM
Cloudy Blue = the best color scheme for GameFaqsCaptain-Trips111/18 4:04PM
Do you think Pokemon RSE had too many Water routes?MechaKirby1011/18 3:57PM
So charles manson is getting married
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Julia_Jules1511/18 3:53PM
Streaming Painkiller again!Gamechamp3k211/18 3:48PM
I'm on the verge of quitting my job
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Zikten4211/18 3:47PM
Channel 6 (Poll)Ogurisama211/18 3:45PM
I'd make fun of Walker, Texas Rangerknightoffire551011/18 3:42PM
Is this old?Lobomoon1011/18 3:41PM
I added my elementary/middle school bully on facebook a while ago [immature]
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Mr_melodramatic2811/18 3:39PM
This kid posted a tl;dr status about cartoons on facebook a while agoBNVshark123111/18 3:39PM
Let's ban weddings, and while we're at it, baby showers too
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Metro21411/18 3:36PM
past 2 weeks have been insane...i feel like talking
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Lemur_Says1411/18 3:34PM
In the future... all restaurants are Taco BellLokarin811/18 3:30PM
They're making a Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2...
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Metro21511/18 3:26PM