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Do you read every word in a book or do you skim?
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r7gerrabbit167/28 1:24AM
man... i dont want to go to work tomorrow.mayu78087/28 1:10AM
I need a funny feel-good short anime
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Mario_VS_DK117/28 12:43AM
250 Million Dollars tax free but you can only have sex with men and must (Poll)
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davf135387/28 12:35AM
My contract documents have been damaged by water, I have to send em back todayFatalAccident47/28 12:22AM
I love the .hack games so much.
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Milleyd247/28 12:19AM
So my ex has been apologizing lately /rantfaqs
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Julia_Jules257/28 12:14AM
lol my mom is better than me she would throw a party before me.ReggieBush0967/27 11:39PM
Does college actually help you make new friends?
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AmeliaJane16217/27 11:17PM
Wwydi...kratosdakota337/27 10:56PM
How come women can't be priests?
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Metro2287/27 10:55PM
Dog followed me home.
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kratosdakota3147/27 10:47PM
Guys, please tell me you get more sane with age?
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AmeliaJane16187/27 10:33PM
You remind me of a few of my famous friendsKanakiri27/27 10:27PM
Virginia acted dimickeyfaramir7777/27 10:12PM
I can't wait for DnD improv next year... D:IceDragon7717/27 9:59PM
Has anyone watched boyhood?eating4fun17/27 9:30PM
Looking for a wireless 360 pad recieverDeltaBladeX47/27 9:19PM
did the above poster finish highschool
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mayu780307/27 9:08PM
About how much is a used 4GB 360 + GTA V worth now?
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Psythik167/27 9:08PM