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She does like me, but she doesn't want a romantic relationship right now.
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Flutershy378/21 6:58PM
Your favorite dead franchise is revived by its creators...
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Zareth158/21 6:58PM
Has feminism actually ever harmed anyone?
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Chef_Excellence1018/21 6:56PM
I don't even know how to hug anymore....AwesomeTurtwig68/21 6:55PM
What's the greatest gift god gave us? (Poll)
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Dazed2684408/21 6:54PM
do you have yugioh millenium duels on 360? wanna duel? i'll rek you.
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helIy198/21 6:53PM
Holy crap this is from P.T. SPOILERSVicaris28/21 6:49PM
Lobomoon's Private Topic (Do Not Open).Lobomoon28/21 6:45PM
Motorcycle rider crashes into the back of a car and safely flips onto the roofSolid Sonic108/21 6:45PM
I can't get enough of this gif lolCaptain-Trips38/21 6:39PM
I started on the side of Brown and the protesters.
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LemonDestroyer248/21 6:38PM
Why dudes and chicks are so different?Lobomoon98/21 6:35PM
Got my Vita today :D
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Raganork10368/21 6:32PM
attn: DynaloRaganork1038/21 6:28PM
Japan's next generation of Sex Dolls reached realism!! Will you buy one?? (Poll)Full Throttle98/21 6:27PM
It seems Amazon made a shipping mistake along with my hat rack order.. :O
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Melon_Master248/21 6:26PM
I had a perogie poutine and an eggnog milkshake for lunch today.Dynalo48/21 6:25PM
If Duckbear came to your house and told you to stop squishing bugs to your face (Poll)
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somasomafofoma388/21 6:24PM
Dude secretly films his girlfriend abusing him over liking facebook photosJvaas48/21 6:23PM
When was your last haircut? (Poll)
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Ogurisama118/21 6:15PM