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what would you do if Isis brand Islam turned out to be the one true religion?Zikten22/1 10:21AM
Sooo.. I acidentally hit a pole, and my headlight broke dragon92/1 10:21AM
Minecraft may become the first game I get a platinum trophy in.
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Dynalo142/1 10:18AM
Wow guys, today's poll is totes ridiculousBlighboy52/1 10:17AM
Is Yoshi's Story as bad as it looks?JoanOfArcade42/1 10:17AM
Dying Light is GOTY 2015 so far.Zareth92/1 10:17AM
Do you have any Miis in Smash Bros. based on famous characters/celebrities?keyblader198532/1 10:16AM
nipple **** in hentai is dusturbing as hell
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mayu780352/1 10:14AM
chewy writeup topic
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bachewychomp1272/1 10:11AM
Greatest Movie Series Ever Round 1: Match 31 Fast/Furious vs. Planet of the Apes (Poll)quigonzel42/1 10:08AM
This 29 y/o Man tried to sell his Virginity but no one bought him...Is he Ugly?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle162/1 10:05AM
I don't really care for vore.WastelandCowboy12/1 10:02AM
How can youtube get away with hosting free music online?The_Sexorcist32/1 9:59AM
Metal Gear Rising 2 confirmed.
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MechaKirby232/1 9:57AM
Stephen Bean topic Series 2 Episode 2, A House Divided
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Kimbos_Egg1842/1 9:52AM
I'm seriously considering getting a Wii U. These are the games I would get:
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green dragon162/1 9:50AM
I beat tales of legendia last night (spoiler)ernieforss72/1 9:47AM
I feel like I don't get what id was going for with Rage...(spoilers!)papercup52/1 9:47AM
I made this =3N80542/1 9:45AM
Lacuna Coil is coolThe_Sexorcist12/1 9:35AM