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Since I just got a PS Vita, add my to your friends, PSN: Cantaloupe_Pope
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Melon_Master163/30 3:28PM
Post ITT and I'll tell you if I don't think you're a s***poster.
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Ashphantom193/30 3:21PM
A seventh your age plus twoVicaris53/30 3:19PM
What was Doc Brown's relationship with Marty?St_Kevin33/30 3:18PM
So, they're making a The Last of Us movie with The Terminator playing Joel.
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Far-Queue313/30 3:16PM
"it smells like onion" is a phrase that I've heard like 5 times todaygreen dragon23/30 3:09PM
Jesus Christ man. The new Halo 5 trailers are getting me so pumped.
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DirtBasedSoap153/30 3:04PM
Who's the best Futurama character? (Poll)
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WadaTah143/30 3:04PM
Is the poster below you going to be a troll?ObligatoryFate93/30 3:04PM
Rate this Villain day 391 Bennett (Commando) (Poll)scubasteve4263/30 3:03PM
Stephen Bean topic Series 2 Episode 3, In Harm's Way.
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Kimbos_Egg773/30 2:59PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 393 John Matrix (Commando) (Poll)scubasteve4223/30 2:58PM
Does anybody else think that Link should be black in the new Zelda game?
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JokePoster353/30 2:52PM
Can you guys give me a rundown of GameFAQs, it's social boards, and their users?
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GrimCyclone153/30 2:48PM
What is more useful to learn? Mandarin or Spanish?
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KainReaver109213/30 2:45PM
Don't you just hate when your buttcheeks go numb?Arctic_Sunrise83/30 2:42PM
Moo...TheWorstPoster23/30 2:42PM
Tell me how many lights you see. (Poll)GanonsSpirit53/30 2:40PM
Should I buy final Fantasy X?
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BNVshark123183/30 2:33PM
A girl said she liked me today... (TL;DR prone)
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Komaiko54183/30 2:23PM