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imo ISIS is pretty cool; i like what they did. wut do you guys think about ISIS? (Poll)
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Kingmichael1337149/15 3:38PM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC Part 34 Fall Out Boy (Poll)AllstarSniper3279/15 3:19PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 220 Sailor Neptune (Poll)scubasteve4299/15 3:18PM
Rate this Villain Day 218 Shriek (Poll)scubasteve42109/15 3:15PM
why is it an insult if an anime is called cartoon?mayu78059/15 2:57PM
why does USA always get a Watered down collectors edition of A Japanese Game?
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NightMareBunny249/15 2:56PM
How would you guys feel about a Futurama/American Dad! crossover?HealthyLunatic39/15 2:44PM
Free game on the humble bundle. ReceiverTruePowerSeeker29/15 2:36PM
LinuxAskaLangly39/15 2:33PM
Guys I don't play console games.Judgmenl39/15 2:32PM
I think that I am going to have my ashes compressed into a vinyl recordSchmensWife79/15 2:28PM
Do Europeans literally call the Z button on a controller the "zed button"? (Closed)
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Dr Edward Roivas679/15 2:19PM
So I'm in between antidepressants and I think I'm feeling irritable..
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Melon_Master259/15 2:11PM
my friend, playing destiny, keeps on blaming the game for him suckinghelIy59/15 2:07PM
In SSB4, Villager can take Link's final smash... and put it in his pocket
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SullyTheStrange229/15 2:05PM
I now own a Wii U.
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GanonsSpirit169/15 2:01PM
spinosaurus discovered to be semiaquaticNade Duck49/15 1:56PM
Official Animal Crossing for the 3DS, FC Sharing Topic Part Seventeen!
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Melon_Master2729/15 1:53PM
how do you make coffee taste good?
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humptyrump219/15 1:48PM
I just sound out that Charles Dickens was a d*** :/ What the hell..Melon_Master19/15 1:46PM