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aaaand my leg crapped out on me again. back on the cane for however long.kmerchandise13/4 7:30AM
This 15 y/o Girl was told she was Fat by her Friends..Then she Died of a.... (Poll)
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Full Throttle263/4 7:24AM
Nvidia shows their new shield deviceDaltonM23/4 7:19AM
What a lame daySpeeDLeemon83/4 7:17AM
My PS2 Slim broke :(((((((((((((ballen201413/4 7:10AM
I wish RC would give me back my FrancisNerr accountBirdsOfPray53/4 6:19AM
Goodbye Tinder, it just went pay 2 win apparently.
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DrPrimemaster273/4 5:59AM
Woo! My State Legalized Gay Married... Kind Of...
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JediMutant323/4 5:46AM
Other than my family I've only told one woman I love her
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Erik_P213/4 5:00AM
Yeah, but why *don't* they release Half Life 3?
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rodman870173/4 3:26AM
This s*** is deepMetro233/4 3:09AM
I'm going to Chick-fil-A
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SpeeDLeemon163/4 2:09AM
Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is out.
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VioletZer0573/4 1:00AM
Was trying to find a safe for work image of Sonico for someoneDeltaBladeX73/4 12:56AM
Who wants to play Civ 5 at the weekend? Anybody?FatalAccident13/4 12:12AM
Is Sparkling ice drink bad for you?overlordlaharl063/3 11:50PM
Which character looks more powerful? Day 10: Griselbrand vs. Avacyn (Poll)
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lihlih133/3 11:28PM
This has to be the worst winter that I can remember.
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Halomaster03133/3 11:21PM
which console has better jrpgs (Poll)
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mayu780143/3 11:20PM
What of the following colours would you prefer your skin to be? (Poll)yourDaddie103/3 11:14PM