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You know what sucks about loosing weight?Dikitain37/31 9:27AM
How do people say they enjoy coffee so much?
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FluorescentVoid357/31 9:27AM
A guitar player recreates that Japanese politician's crying perfectlyBotnus91237/31 9:27AM
Just scored a minifridge for $15.43BNVshark12337/31 9:26AM
I need new glasses, but I dunno what to get.Kanakiri57/31 9:26AM
Playstation wants us to pay for a beta...
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ZiggiStardust137/31 9:26AM
When was your first time see blood in game?
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Gladiant257/31 9:24AM
Rate my Wii U collectionpapercup97/31 9:23AM
My cat is 1/8 my size. He's a monster
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Doctor Foxx397/31 9:23AM
Mifune Kickstarter
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lancesaber177/31 9:21AM
Favorite Zelda (Poll)
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yourDaddie147/31 9:19AM
Any good vertical shooters for Vita and PS3?RayKnight47/31 9:18AM
Favorite Tales of game (Poll)yourDaddie77/31 9:16AM
I'm in a s*** mood today, and I don't even know why.
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ZiggiStardust117/31 9:16AM
Did you like Mario Galaxy or Galaxy 2 more?
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raymanfan1167/31 9:15AM
How long do you guys go without shaving?
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Geloigen357/31 9:09AM
Dammit, I lost my shades AND my glasses at the beach today. >:(T0ffee67/31 8:58AM
I'm really not trying to sound like a tinfoil hat guy here but hear me out
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FatalAccident247/31 8:57AM
Suddenly, a puppySt_Kevin27/31 8:56AM
Considering selling my N64... I never play it and it just sits in a box.
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CubeTV237/31 8:53AM